Published Illustrations by Denise M. Cassano


Looking Fear in the Eyes

Published in a Presbyterian Women’s magazine, Horizons, the image You Don’t Scare Me exemplifies facing your fears.  In the image, a small child stands up and mocks a very large, scary shadow that contains demon faces.  The article was titled, “Looking Fear in the Eyes”. Write your own story about this image here!

Horizons Magazine, May/June 2012



Illustrative example of how teachers can use art and process journals to study science.

Science Stories, Teachers and Children as Science Learners, 1998, Houghton Mifflin Company

by Janice Koch


Published Educational Articles by Denise M. Cassano:

‘Dali Surreal Interiors’

Article exemplifying how Renaissance perspective and Surrealism can unite in an exciting way.

School Arts Magazine, September 2002,

Davis Publications


‘Romare Bearden Memory Collages’

Article about how teachers can encourage students to relive important memories through art.

Arts and Activities Magazine, October ’07


‘Textile Design’

Article describing how students studied and designed textile patterns.

School Arts Magazine, May/June 2007

Davis Publications