April 29, 2013

Borrowed Light Writing Prompt Video


Here goes.  Watch the short video, pay attention to the smallest detail, think about what the words, images and music are telling you, and in the ‘comments’ section below, write your story.


Click the image to start the video:


Download and print the following reproducible worksheets to help your students organize their thoughts:


Questions to Elicit Thoughtful Observation (PDF) to guide classroom conversation and writing. [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=29]


Borrowed Light Writing Worksheet (PDF) to encourage critical thinking and reflection. [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=30]


Using Your Senses Graphic Organizer (PDF) to help students use their senses to interpret the image and write their story. [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=31]


After watching the video, read and comment on the other stories.  How are they the same? How do they differ? How much of your own personal experiences do you bring to the story you create?

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